The INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition is a three day event incorporating a premier industry exhibition and a comprehensive conference program featuring conferences and presentations from leading maritime outlets including the Royal Australian Navy. In 2022, INDO PACIFIC presented a conference program with more than 70 conferences, seminars, forums and symposia.

The INDO PACIFIC 2022 Conference Program covered a range of topics from the spectrum of opportunities and issues currently facing the maritime industry, academia and government within Australian and the Indo Pacific region, including shipbuilding and sustainment, nuclear technology, autonomous drone use in the maritime sphere, emergency response and many more.

The conference program for 2023 is currently in development with more information available via our website and mailing list in the first half of 2023.

Explore the INDO PACIFIC 2022 program below for a snapshot of what to expect at the next event.


Sea Power Conference 2022

The Royal Australian Navy’s Sea Power 22 conference will explore the broad theme ‘The Indo-Pacific Maritime Domain in the 21st Century - A Commonality of Purpose’.

It will focus on Australia and the Indo Pacific, Grey Zone operations at sea and the Maritime Ecosystem (industry, technology and education).

10-12 May 2022

King-Hall Naval History Conference 2022

The Royal Australian Navy’s King-Hall History Conference references historic naval events and issues to inform today’s RAN operations, strategy and diplomacy.

The Conference is hosted by the Royal Australian Navy and organised by the Sea Power Centre – Australia.

11 May 2022

IMC 2022

Organised by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects, The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology and Engineers Australia, IMC 2022 focused on the latest developments in marine engineering and maritime technology; both in the areas of defence and commercial shipping.

10-12 May 2022

AAUS Conference

The Australian Association for Uncrewed Systems (AAUS) is Australia’s largest industry advocacy group for uncrewed systems, representing the community across land, sea and air.

The AAUS INDO PACIFIC Conference will focus on applications and issues for uncrewed vehicles in the maritime domain.

11 May 2022

Innovation Pitchfest

The Innovation Pitchfest features a series of three-minute presentations from defence, academia and industry, to an audience of potential customers, research partners and venture capitalists.

Entries are judged on their idea’s novelty, application and potential, plus the pitcher’s ability to convey their message to a general audience in just three minutes.

12 May 2022


Recent natural disasters have seen ever closer cooperation between the Royal Australian Navy, civil agencies and industry in helping communities to endure and recover.

INDO PACIFIC will provide a timely forum on the lessons, strategies, issues and tools that are being incorporated in response strategies at all levels to prepare communities for future emergencies.

11 May 2022


INDO PACIFIC 2022 presented a complimentary conference program with sessions open and free to attend for all trade visitors delegates and exhibitors over the entire three days of the event.

The Complimentary Conference program included briefings from maritime and Defence Industry Primes, workshops by industry associations, demonstrations of capability, government engagement information sessions and one on one mentoring programs.