Chief of Navy Welcome

Chief of Navy Chief of Navy

Welcome to the 13th Royal Australian Navy Indo-Pacific Sea Power Conference, held in conjunction with the Indo Pacific 2023 International Maritime Exposition.

The Indo-Pacific, our region, is rich in resources and for centuries it has been shaped and influenced by the waters that surround and connect us.

The world’s oceans are global superhighways that facilitate the economic interdependence which now characterises the global economy.

Billions of people across the world rely upon the natural resources drawn from or transported on the oceans for their livelihood and for their future. Even more take for granted that unseen in the depths of the oceans lie the data cables which are the arteries and veins pumping and transferring data which animates the modern world.

This year’s conference theme, “Fleet 2035: Sea Power and the Future of Maritime Warfare”, is built from the reality that sea power is a ubiquitous element of Australian national security, and prosperity; yet we live in a maritime region that is being reshaped, and our strategic environment is becoming more challenging. The Maritime domain has once again become the frontline for strategic conversations between nations.

In parallel, the Royal Australian Navy is also proud to once again host the Navy Enlisted Leadership Conference 2023, widely known as The Sailors Forum. Focused on deck-plate leadership, this event shines a light on the role of our Sailors in building and fostering high functioning teams to animate our units and energise our Navy.

The outstanding speakers from around the world include Senior Government and Defence leadership, industry executives, and academics thought leaders participating are sure to make it a thought provoking rewarding event.

I look forward to joining you at Indo-Pacific Sea Power Conference 2023.

Mark D. Hammond, AO
Vice Admiral, Royal Australian Navy
Chief of Navy

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